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Welcome to The EI Life

Living a socially and emotionally intelligent life is within reach for anyone who wants it.
It requires understanding how our emotions influence the varied relationships in our life.

How predictable are we? Are we quick to anger and slow to cool down? Do we own our part in relationship kerfuffles? Do we listen to our positive intuitions in managing challenging situations? This website is a guide to developing our emotional intelligence to achieve more balanced relationships, and ultimately, build an emotionally fulfilling life.

What does it mean to live an emotionally intelligent life? The concept of EI quotient is everywhere these days, with big corporations and college campuses realizing that emotional intelligence is the best predictor for success in professional and academic endeavors. But what about the rest of our lives?

Emotional intelligence, it turns out, plays a large role in leading happy, fulfilling lives. It allows us to better understand others and navigate relationships more authentically, using social and emotional competencies that strengthen our interactions.

This website offers a way of using existing tools to strengthen and develop our emotional intelligence in common, every day situations. This means going on a mining expedition of sorts, through the many caverns of what constitutes our emotional and relational selves: discovering our strengths—courage, determination, compassion—and facing life’s inevitable challenges—including pain, anger, disillusionment, feeling unloved and unlovable, or simply feeling stuck.

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I question whether I have received better instruction and guidance than I received in Dr. Kilcarr’s EQ-I Certification Training. It covers a lot of material in a limited amount of time. This usually allows for a cursory understanding of the presented material. This certification training somehow drilled down to ply participants with the rationale behind using the tool in a clinical setting and how precisely to do it. I am very grateful for receiving this training. It has also allowed me to become even clearer on my personal approach to the clinical session and what markers do I attend to to determine if it has been successful for the client. I have also learned the power of asking questions as a way to help clients see a broader side of what they are presenting. Well done!

Brook M

Tucson, AZ

There is nothing about the certification training I would change! Literally nothing. Although the information is extensive, the way Dr. Kilcarr laid out the foundations of the EQ-I and how it can be used in a clinical practice felt immediately applicable to me. He created an environment where participants felt they could share their thoughts, concerns and at times reluctance. This allowed for a sense of completeness in the training.

Bharie V

CAS, Washington, DC

I am typically not a joiner when it comes to group dynamics. Dr. Kilcarr’s certification training in the EQ-I 2.0 had me consistently engaging in group discussion and exercises I heretofore have avoided. His thoroughly engaging and respectful style of conveying information invites everyone present to extend their “reach a bit beyond their grasp.” It has left me feeling capable of my facilitation skills and the positive impact this assessment will have on my practice and those clients I see clinically.

Stephen B

Private Practice, Maryland