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Patrick Kilcarr

The EI Life / Patrick Kilcarr

Patrick Kilcarr, PhD

Founder of The EI Life

Doctor Patrick Kilcarr has been a therapist for twenty years in the DC area, where he offers individual, couples, group and family therapy.  He specializes in Emotional Intelligence and emotional intelligence assessments, and focuses his research on the intersection of risk taking behavior and emotional intelligence.

In 2006, he became master trainer for Multi-Health Systems Inc., the company that created the most widely used Emotional Intelligence instrument, the EQ-i2.0., which assesses and evaluates emotional competencies in a variety of professional venues.  Through his deep knowledge of the instrument, he came to realize how powerful this assessment tool could be in a therapeutic setting and started using it with great success.

Doctor Kilcarr is also the head of Georgetown University’s Center for Personal Development since 1999, and Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University’s School of Health Science, teaching interactive courses on personal development and emotional intelligence.  He has written extensively on emotional intelligence, addiction and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, where he co-authored an award winning book, “The Voices From Fatherhood:  Fathers, sons and ADHD.”

He received his PhD in Developmental Psychology from Maryland College Park’s Institute of Child Study.